The Ghan-Ti

Beneath the surface of Threga lies a community of Half-Orcs called The Ghan-Ti. The Ghan-Ti are a resourceful, resilient people. Grunn is the name of a subterranean city that was established centuries ago as a small safehold in a natural cavern under the icy Upland. As the years went by, wizards, sorcerers and warlocks carved out Grunn as it is known today.

The Ghan-Ti are tribal in their core, using hunt/gather methodoligies and a strong spiritual tie to their surroundings. There are a total of three divisions of sub-tribes split into the three sections of Grunn. Kiev is the largest of the three regions, making up 45% of the total area. The Grove is also in Kiev, an unusual subterranean pocket of foliage near the center of Grunn. (A naturalistic group has started meeting in The Grove in recent weeks.)

The other two regions are Pernth and Ozai.

The leadership hierarchy is a panel of matriarchs called the Vol. The Vol make decisions about the direction the tribal society is going regarding economy, social interactions, defense and sustenance.

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